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Should My Teenager Still See a Pediatric Dentist in Fuquay-Varina?

One minute, you’re chasing your little one around the room for bath time, and the next, you’re helping them fill out an application for college. Your child’s high school years will see a lot of growth and steps towards independence, which may cause you to wonder whether if you should continue scheduling your teenager’s dental appointments with a pediatric dentist, or if you should go ahead and make the switch to a general or family dentist. Our Fuquay-Varina pediatric dentist weighs in below.

Are Pediatric Dentists Meant Only for Children?

There is a common misconception that pediatric dentists only treat young kids—after all, it’s right there in the name. But pediatric dentists receive specialized training—two years more than a general dentist–to help them treat kids of all ages, including teenagers.

Do Teenagers Actually Need Special Dental Care?

Yes! Teenagers, like every developmental group, have distinctive needs when it comes to oral care. Since they are beginning to make their own decisions, they are at high risk for periodontal disease and gingivitis; cavities; and traumatic tooth injuries. You are probably getting ready to say goodbye to living with your teen, but that doesn’t mean you are both “out of the woods” quite yet. There are still plenty of dental issues that can impact teenagers particularly.

Addressing More Serious Situational Behaviors

Perhaps the biggest reason for sending your teen to a pediatric dentist is that they are better equipped to address the age group’s unique social and psychological needs. You probably do not want to think about it, but tobacco use, alcohol use, drug use, possible pregnancy, eating disorders, and a host of other issues affect teens and teens uniquely. A pediatric dentist is trained to address the numerous situational, behavioral, and environmental factors that can put teens at risk for oral health issues.

Providing a Sense of Consistency & Stability

Your child goes through a lot of growth and change during high school in many ways, both emotionally and physically. It’s wise to ensure that your child has a pediatric dentist who has watched their teeth change through the years, who has an already-established relationship with them, and knows more about the history of their teeth than a new dentist will. Sticking with your trusted pediatric dentist, rather than switching to an adult specialist, will help your child receive better quality of care, and add a sense of stability to their routine and treatment plan.

Give Your Child the Care They Need at Our Fuquay-Varina Pediatric Dentist!

Whether your child’s first tooth is just erupting, or you’re looking towards their high school graduation date, our Fuquay-Varina kid’s dentist can help give them comprehensive, compassionate dental care. If you have any questions about your teenager’s oral health or how we treat kids of all ages, please don’t hesitate to request an appointment with our office.